I Want My Family To Pay Less in Estate Taxes

Is There A Way To Save Money On Massachusetts Estate Taxes?

OK, so estate taxes are a concern of yours. They should be. In Massachusetts, it’s not just the super wealthy that end up paying this tax. If you have a home, a life insurance policy and a retirement account, it’s likely that a good portion of your hard-earned money will go to the state when you die. Rest assured, there are ways that you can plan ahead so that you pay less in taxes and give more money to your loved ones. The question is, how?
We can help you do that.
There are a number of strategies that we use to help you pay less estate taxes. Depending on your assets, that could mean thousand, hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars of additional wealth being passed to your family. There are pros and cons to each strategy and it is important to know them well. Which strategy is right for you? We’ll help you decide.
For people who already have an estate plan and have tried to address this in the past, it may be time to revisit your plan. The law has changed and your plan may be outdated. This means that your current planning may actually have the opposite effect and lead to more taxes being paid.

Estate taxes are #1 on our list of “5 AVOIDABLE Surprises That DERAIL Even The Best Estate Plans”.

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