Estate Planning Awareness Week

If you are one of the millions of Americans who do not have an estate plan, then this National Estate Planning Awareness Week is a great time for you to get one.

More than half of American adults do not have a current estate plan. The benefits of having a plan should be obvious.

With an estate plan you control who inherits your assets, which assets they inherit, and how and when those assets are inherited. Ultimately, an estate plan is the best way to make sure your family is taken care of after you pass away. A good plan also ensures your family is not unnecessarily burdened by estate taxes or probate, and that your end of life care is what you want it to be.

It’s understandable that meeting with an estate planner isn’t your top priority – no one likes to contemplate the thought of their own death or illness and it’s easy to put it off when you’re busy at work, taking care of your family, and keeping up with regular household chores. Not to mention the extra time needed to get ready for the holidays. But an experienced estate planner can make the process quick and painless to ensure your wishes will be fulfilled. In fact, once you get the process started, getting a basic plan in place may take only one or two meetings with an experienced attorney at Simmons & Schiavo. You just need to tell us your objectives, learn your options, and pick what’s best for you and your family – we’ll take care of the rest.