Our Client Care Program

As an estate planning client of Simmons & Schiavo, LLP, you become a member of our Client Care Program (“CCP”). This annual program is an important benefit as it ensures that your estate plan (which may include a revocable trust, wills, durable powers of attorney, health care proxies and living wills) stays up to date and is ready when you and your family need it the most.

Laws Will Change

The laws are in a constant state of flux. Unless you closely follow state legislative and court case developments, you won’t know when a new law or judicial decision affects your estate plan.

But we will.

The Family Will Change

Tax and estate laws aren’t the only matters that affect your plan. Births, deaths, marriages, divorces, lawsuits, inheritance, aging, health and family disputes are some of the events that can impact an estate plan. Our Client Care Program keeps your estate plan up to date with your ever-evolving family and financial circumstances.

Health May Change

What happens if you or your spouse have a significant change in your health that makes it difficult or impossible for you to manage your financial matters?  We will have to make changes to the trust to protect the assets for the benefit of that person and for the rest of the family.  By staying in contact with our firm, we can proactively provide guidance in this situation and address it before it becomes too late.

Assets Will Change

You’ll learn during your estate planning experience how vital the asset alignment process is to the success of your estate plan. That’s why our trademarked seven-step process includes our efforts to work with your banks and financial firms to transfer your various assets into your trust. We call this “Asset Alignment.” If you don’t transfer your bank accounts, brokerage accounts and real property into your trust then those assets will still be subject to probate upon your death. Moreover, in the event of your incapacity, your trustee won’t have access to the accounts to manage your investments and pay your bills. But what happens after your initial asset alignment is completed? That’s where the Simmons & Schiavo Client Care Program adds tremendous value. If you should open a new bank account or mutual fund account, if a certificate of deposit matures, or if your financial advisor changes firms, or anytime you acquire a new account or asset, all you need to do is tell your dedicated Asset Alignment Coordinator here at Simmons & Schiavo, LLP. They’ll make sure that your assets remain aligned with the right “bucket.”


Among other great benefits which our outlined in our informational booklet, the best feature of the Client Care Program is that we are there for you, when you need us.  We’re a phone call or an email away and you don’t have to worry about being billed in six-minute increments when you need advice.

Complete your estate plan and enjoy one year of complimentary enrollment in our Essential Client Care Program.  To learn more about our Client Care Program, please download our Client Care Program informational booklet that highlights all the benefits of our unique program. 

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