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Emergency Request for Temporary Guardianship of an Incapacitated Person

With the Coronavirus pandemic spreading, courts are seeing an increase in emergency requests for temporary guardianship of an incapacitated person. Courts in Massachusetts are closed to the public until May 4th. However, hearings are continuing to be held virtually on emergency matters. If you have a family member who is incapacitated due to illness or […]

Tips on Choosing Guardians for Your Children

Choosing guardians is one of the most difficult decisions for parents. No parents want to think about not being there for their children and no one can ever truly take your place. However, failing to make a selection can leave it up to the courts, which couldn’t possibly be any better a decision than what […]

Characteristics of a Good Guardian for Your Children

There are many different ways to look at guardianship. In our previous blog post, we mentioned personal values, geography, adaptability, and desire as important factors. Looking beyond that, there are many personal characteristics that make a difference as well. Some of these are difficult to even consider, but necessary nonetheless. Here are a few characteristics […]