Protect Inheritance from Being Wasted

What would happen if you were to give all of your money to your children today?  What would they do with it?  

A Key Private Bank study found that the average inheritance is fully consumed within 17 months; often times the money is spent on cars and expensive vacations.  For whatever reason, an inheritance is viewed as a windfall, like winning the lottery.  People don’t look at the long-term benefits of receiving an inheritance, which often leads to poor financial decisions.

This is even more significant when you have a child with a substance abuse problem or gambling issue. Disinheriting that child is not the answer.  After all, you do want to provide for them, but leaving a lump sum inheritance would very likely have dire consequences.

You can provide for your children in a manner that distributes assets to them over time, rather than in a lump sum.  If you think this means you are  “controlling money from the grave”, there is a change of mindset that must occur.  It’s not a control issue. It is a way for you to provide for your children when they need it most, therby providing them with long-term financial stability. 

Leaving assets to your beneficiaries outright is #3 on our “3 AVOIDABLE Surprises That DERAIL Even The Best Estate Plans.

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