The Family Estate & Legacy Program® is our trademarked 7-step process personalized just for you.

Our boutique law firm focuses in estate planning and administration. Over many years we have found that clients who possess a certain mindset often realize the most successful planning experience. These clients view their estate plan as more than an exercise that divides their assets into who gets what.

Instead, they appreciate the opportunity to set the stage for family harmony, to protect their loved ones from the dangers of losing or squandering their inheritance, and to take advantage of the most up to date legal and tax strategies.

By investing your time and resources to create a plan, we know you care about your loved ones’ future. Our personalized, trademarked process provides you:


Professional Team Led by  Experienced Wills, Trusts & Estates Attorneys


Providing leadership through otherwise confusing legal, tax  and financial issues


Creating an understandable estate plan that meets your personal and family dynamics

Your Estate Planning Team

Kenneth J. Simmons, Jr.


Attorney Kenneth J. Simmons, Jr. is one of the founding partners of Simmons & Schiavo, LLP.  He has been helping families with their estate planning needs since 2002.  Ken handles all levels of estate planning ranging from basic plans requiring wills, health care proxies    …READ MORE

Marco A. Schiavo


Attorney Marco A. Schiavo is one of the founding partners of Simmons & Schiavo, LLP and has focused his practice on estate planning and estate administration. In guiding his clients after the loss of a loved one, Marco has personally witnessed the unfortunate impact that    …READ MORE

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