We understand that our unique estate planning process and the commitment we ask of our clients might not be the right fit for everyone.  We have found that clients who possess a certain mindset have the best  experience  with our firm.  These clients view their estate planning as more than an exercise that divides their assets into who gets what.  Instead, they appreciate the opportunity to set the stage for family harmony, to protect their loved ones from the dangers of losing or squandering their inheritance and to take advantage of the most up-to-date legal and tax strategies.  Most of all, they understand that estate planning is not just done for them, but also for their families.  They look forward to building a relationship with us as trusted advisors to whom they and their families can turn in difficult times, when their plan is needed most.

To see how you compare to those who get the most out of our estate planning process, we invite you to take our eight question Mindset Quiz.