Elder Living Options for Families to Consider

As family members get older, their living arrangements become an important topic of discussion. Most families must make the difficult decision of where an elder parent or grandparent will live, based on their changing needs. Below are three elder living options to consider.

Aging in Place

The most common preference for the elderly is to live at home. After all, it’s familiar and comfortable. It can be a feasible option if the elder family member is still fairly active and requires little assistance with most daily activities. However, some adjustment and considerations must be made.

Home renovations, such as safety railings in showers, may be required to adapt to elder living. Family and friends may need to assist with home repairs and routine maintenance, such as mowing the lawn or shoveling the snow. An emergency alert system should be in place in case help is needed and the phone is out of reach. Aging in place is certainly possible with some renovations and assistance from family and friends.

Assisted Living Facilities

For those who need a bit more care and attention but are still relatively active, there are assisted living facilities. This elder living option eliminates the need to maintain a full home. Assisted living facilities provide valuable services such as meal preparation, transportation, housekeeping, and access to medical care. It also gives the opportunity for social interaction with others. While it can be expensive, it often provides an improved quality of life for an aging relative, which is comforting for family members as well.
Nursing Home
In cases where an aging family member requires consistent care and attention, a nursing home could be the right fit. Nursing staff are on-site around the clock to administer medication and assist with advanced care. Their medical training can be essential to quickly addressing medical issues that arise. Although it can be difficult to place a loved one in a nursing home, the needs of an aging relative may be more than what family and friends can possibly handle on their own.

Final Words on the 3 Types of Elder Care

Selecting among these elder living options can be difficult. In making the decision, it is helpful to consider factors such as cost, the ability to address medical needs, response times for emergencies, and personal preferences. It can be helpful if an estate plan is in place to address some of these concerns. Contact Simmons and Schiavo for assistance with this and other elder law matters for either yourself or an aging family member.