Monthly Archives: September 2020

3 Ways to Change Your Estate Plan

Most estate planning documents can be changed. Noted exceptions are those specifically designed to prevent alterations, such as an irrevocable trust. There are typically 3 ways to change your estate plan, although some are recommended over others. 1 – Hand Edits Let’s start with the one people seem most inclined to try, which is to […]

5 Common Mistakes When Updating Estate Plans

Estate plans should be reviewed every year and updated as needed, which is why we have an ongoing Client Care Program (for more information see . It goes without saying that updating documents correctly is just as important as preparing the original estate plan. Unfortunately, mistakes can make revisions invalid and result in disputes, […]

3 Important Decisions for a Power of Attorney

There are several decisions to make when creating a power of attorney as part of an estate plan. Beyond selecting who to name as primary agent, you must also consider alternates and the specific powers to grant. There is no single or standard power of attorney document that works for everyone. This is why it’s […]

Purpose of a Power of Attorney in MA Estate Plans

A power of attorney is one of several common documents included in estate plans. Unlike most documents that take effect after your death, this one is active while you are still living. It is important to understand the purpose of a power of attorney in MA estate plans before deciding to include one in yours. […]