Monthly Archives: September 2019

Types of Long Term Care

As people live longer and the cost of medical care increases, understanding the types of long term care available is important for families. It is both an emotional and financial decision that does not come easy. Below is an overview of the major types of long term care and what families should know about each. […]

5 Ways to Pay for Long Term Care

Long term care is one of the most expensive costs that you may encounter later in life. For most, it creates a financial hardship and forces difficult decisions by family members. Understanding your options can help you better prepare now for potential future needs. Here are 5 ways to pay for long term care in […]

Tips on Organizing Non-legal Aspects of Your Estate

When we think of estate planning, we often think of the legal documents involved such as the will, trust, power of attorney, etc. However, good estate planning goes beyond that. When we pass, our families are often left to figure out a lot of things, even when an estate plan exists. Getting organized can help […]

Tax Considerations When Selling a Home in Massachusetts

The increasing real estate prices in Massachusetts is prompting many homeowners to consider selling. One common misconception is that selling and buying at the same time can help you avoid taxes. Unfortunately, that only applies to investment properties when using something called a 1031 exchange. For single family homes used as a primary residence, it […]

Taxes on Selling Primary Residences Converted to Investment Properties

In our previous blog post, we covered taxes on selling primary residences. Converting the use of a property can change your tax liability when it comes time to sell. Knowing the laws will help you maximize your investment and save significant money. This overview on taxes on selling primary residences converted to investment properties is […]