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Establishing a Will in Massachusetts


Our attorneys will work with you to create a thorough and complete will, drawn up according to your objectives and intentions. Such a legal instrument will see that your family is provided for, that your property passes to your beneficiaries with as little delay as possible, that expenses are minimized, that elderly parents or disabled children are cared for, or that your favorite charitable causes are supported.

A will is a legal declaration about how you want your assets, property, personal belongings, money, and valuables distributed after your death.

Having a comprehensive and detailed will ensures that your estate is transferred to the beneficiaries you name according to your intentions and wishes. As in most things in life, planning establishes expectations and promotes a sense of comfort and confidence. In something as important as your estate, having a will in place is essential planning.

Creating a Trust to protect your assets

A trust can be a stand-alone document or it can be part of a will. It allows you to decide how you want property or funds to be handled over a defined period of time. Trusts of this kind are often used for special needs children or adult beneficiaries who are disabled or whose health is compromised. Since a trust is a very individual and personalized document, and a very important one, it requires a competent attorney skilled in the area of trust drafting.

In a trust, property whether it is real, tangible or intangible, is managed by a trustee or trustees for the benefit of those designated by the creator of the trust.

The trustees hold legal title to the trust property, but they do so only on behalf of the beneficiaries who can be individuals or a charity or organization.

Need to draft a Will or create a Trust?

If you live in Middlesex County or Essex County Massachusetts, including cities such as Malden, Medford, Melrose and the surrounding area, and you need the guidance and services of an estate planning lawyer who has experience drafting wills and creating trusts, then contact Simmons & Schiavo, to learn how we can assist you.

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