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Comprehensive estate planning covers nearly every aspect of life. It begins with protecting yourself and your personal dignity, and extends to protecting your loved ones and your hard-earned assets.

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Fundamental Estate Planning

Estate Planning arranges for the transfer or disposal of assets after your death. Thus, comprehensive and careful planning is extremely important if you want your wishes to be carried out in an appropriate manner and to avoid disputes or litigation among family members or other beneficiaries. Without a proper and comprehensive estate plan, your assets and wishes may not be administered according to your intentions.
Learn more about the Estate Planning.

Probate Avoidance

It is important to create a valid health care proxy when you have the capacity to do so and not after you’ve become ill or are in need of medical attention.
Learn more about Probate Avoidance.

Special Needs Planning

Special needs is the broad category of requirements and care for individuals suffering from a wide range of physical disabilities, medical conditions, intellectual difficulties, or emotional problems, including physical conditions, learning difficulties, and behavioral problems.
Learn more about Massachusetts Special Needs.

Charitable Planning

Charitable gift planning can be simple a simple process. For example, you can write a check, hand over cash, transfer stock or sign a quit-claim deed to real estate directly to the charity of your choosing. On the other hand, there are more involved strategies whereby you can give and receive depending on your unique circumstances.
Learn more about Charitable Giving Strategies.

Probate & Estate Administration

When a person dies, his or her estate must be properly cataloged and distributed amongst heirs and beneficiaries. In some cases, this will require filing an application for probate. Probate administration is a term that refers to the process of appointing an executor or administrator who is responsible for several key issues in regard to the decedent’s estate.
Learn more about Probate and Estate & Trust Administration.

Estate Tax Planning

A regular visit with your attorney helps ensure that your estate plan would still work as originally designed and provides an opportunity to make any needed course corrections based on your present situation and your future estate tax planning goals.
Learn more about Estate Tax Planning.

Business Succession

Creating a business succession plan helps protect your business for generations to come. As part of our estate planning services our attorneys are experienced in family business succession plans.
Find out how we can help you preserve your family business.

Asset Protection

Asset protection requires careful planning. Threats to your assets can come from a wide variety of potential predators, including future creditors and unnecessary taxes. For such planning to be effective, you will need the help of an experienced estate planning attorney sooner rather than later.
Find out how we can help you protect your assets today.

Elder Law

With health care costs on the rise and most of the elder population in Massachusetts living on a fixed income, it is increasingly important for individuals to anticipate future health care needs and, to the extent possible, plan in advance for these needs. A significant number of elderly individuals in Massachusetts are, or will be, confronted with the need for assisted living and/or long-term care.
Learn more about planning for Long-Term Care.

Medicaid Crisis Planning

With the continually rising cost of nursing home and assisted living care in Massachusetts, planning for the future is all the more important for our elderly community. Medicaid planning is a key service that our attorneys provide to clients in Boston’s North Shore region. An elder law attorney at our law offices can talk to you about eligibility for Medicaid and what steps you can take to plan for your or a loved one’s long term care.
Learn more about Medicaid Crisis Planning.

Medicaid Application

If you are interested in applying for Medicaid in Massachusetts, you may wish to consider involving a Medicaid lawyer to help you with your application.
Learn more about your Medicaid Application.