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Our Unique Planning Process

Step 1

Complete Personal Information Form

Step 2

The Initial Planning Meeting

Step 3

The Design Meeting

Step 4

The Estate Plan Signing Meeting

Step 5

Asset Alignment

Step One: Complete Personal Information Form.

To begin your Estate Planning process with Simmons & Schiavo, LLP, we will send you a short Personal Information Form which we ask you to complete as thoroughly as possible prior to the Initial Planning Meeting. If you need assistance completing this form, please call our office. Do not be concerned if you leave some answers blank as we will review them together at the Initial Planning Meeting. This Personal Information Form is designed to provide us with some basic information about you and will assist us in understanding your key concerns and objectives so that we can make the most productive use of the time set aside for the Initial Planning Meeting. We ask that you please send a copy of this form to our office prior to your Initial Planning Meeting.

Step Two: The Initial Planning Meeting.

At Simmons & Schiavo, we emphasize personal counseling and we custom design each estate plan. You can anticipate your consultation lasting approximately one to two hours. This meeting is designed to be educational in nature. It provides us an opportunity to learn more about you and your family and to further understand your planning goals and concerns. We will then discuss your different planning options in detail and provide corresponding fees for each option. Our goal is to help you determine a solution that is right for you. At the end of this meeting we will then schedule your Design Meeting to work through further developing the details of your selected plan.

Step Three: The Design Meeting.

The Design Meeting will last approximately one hour. The purpose of this meeting is to work through the specific, detailed elements of your plan. This information is required to draft a comprehensive estate plan custom-designed to address each of your concerns and planning objectives. At the conclusion of this meeting, fifty percent (50%) of the fee will be due.

Step Four: The Estate Plan Signing Meeting.

Within two weeks following the Design Meeting, we will meet again for the Estate Plan Signing Meeting. This meeting will last approximately one hour. At this time, we will have prepared your entire estate plan and we will review it with you in detail, carefully explaining the function of each document and how the documents interact with each other. It is at this time that you will sign the documents and put your comprehensive estate plan to work for you. The remaining portion of the fee will be due at the conclusion of this meeting.

Step Five: Asset Alignment.

A critical aspect of the estate planning process is what is commonly referred to as “Trust Funding” or “Asset Alignment.” Without proper asset alignment, your trust could fail when it is needed the most. Asset alignment begins immediately following the Estate Plan Signing Meeting. Asset alignment involves the retitling of certain assets into the name of your newly created trust as well as updating the beneficiary designations of other assets so that they are properly coordinated with your estate plan. For every estate plan, the transfer of your real estate into your trust is included as part of our process and fee agreement. In addition, for all non-real estate assets, we will provide detailed instructions to guide you through completing the proper funding of your estate plan. For clients who wish for our office to complete the full funding of their estate plan, our office can do so but this work will be done under a separate engagement and fee agreement.

At Simmons & Schiavo, we know that each one of us has different concerns and different objectives when it comes to our families. Whether your goal is to minimize estate taxes, protect your assets from long term care/nursing home costs, avoid probate, shield your assets from your children’s creditors or plan for the financial needs of a loved one with special needs, we will design and implement a plan that is custom-tailored to meet your specific goals.

We must work together to complete your plan. Working through the five steps of our process takes time and effort on both our parts. As a team, we will create and implement an estate plan that provides you with the peace of mind knowing that Your Goals will be met by Your Plan.

Your Goals.  Your Plan

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